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Carpet cleaning prices

Inclusive of furniture moving, most affordable prices on the market

2 Bedrooms, Lounge, Dining and Hall – $120 (only $24 per room)

3 Bedrooms, Lounge, Dining and Hall – $130 (only $21 per room)

4 Bedrooms, Lounge, Dining and Hall – $140 (only $20 per room)

Rugs and Mats – $15 – $30* (depending on size)

Additional: Bedrooms, foyers, staircases, specialised stain removal (for very stubborn stains) – $15



Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Inclusive of all surfaces of lounge suite, all sides of squabs, base, pillows, back

2 Seat Lounge Suite – $60*

4 Seat Lounge Suite – $110

6 Seat Lounge Suite – $140

Dining Chairs, Office Chairs – $20* each



Regular mattress cleaning is promoted for health reasons, as mattress cleaning removes dust-mites, dust, allergens, spores, bacteria. Helps improve immunity and ease of breathing)

Single Bed – $60*

Double Bed – $80*

Queen Bed – $100

King Bed – $120


Car Interior Upholstery Clean & Deodorise

Including mats, carpets, seats, trunk - $120




Referrals can entitle you to discounted prices or additional free cleaning services. 10 referrals can provide you with a free minimum call out job!

* Minimum call out price of $100 applies