Frequently asked questions about Carpet Cleaning

Will Carpet cleaning remove bacteria and allergens from my carpet?

Our carpet cleaning machines are complete with Sani filter antimicrobial technology, which will remove 99.9% of allergens, microscopic insects, bacterium and viruses. Our carpet shampoo also kills 99% of bacteria.

How long will my carpet take to dry after Carpet cleaning?

-   The carpet remains only slightly damp and takes approximately 2-6 hours to dry thoroughly.
-  Wool based carpet will take longer to dry than most synthetic based carpets. Some carpet blends will dry much faster than others.
We recommend having good ventilation or a fan running to speed up the drying process.

My carpet looks clean, but the last time I got it cleaned was a few years ago, I also notice my family get sick often. Could carpet cleaning help?

We recommend yearly carpet cleaning, for the removal of engrained bacteria, viruses and allergens stuck within carpet fibres. Every time the carpet is walked across, all the bacterium and microscopic organisms become airborne, effecting respiratory health and general immunity and well being. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services remove 99% of all germs with antimicrobial technology within our cleaning machinery, as well as use of our products that also contain disinfectant agent.  

Are the products you use safe for my pets and kids?

We proudly use products powered by active oxygen rather than chemicals. Meaning our products are environmentally friendly, as well as safe for children and animals

 Can you clean beneath and around furniture?

Our cleaners are happy to shuffle and move most furniture, as needed to clean beneath/behind furniture items, as they carpet clean. At no extra charge. However extremely heavy items our cleaners will not be able to shift without assistance.

Are you able to remove stains from my carpet and upholstery?

We always strive to effectively use our machinery and our incredible stain removal products, to provide awesome stain removal results. We have had great success removing and lightening many types of spots and stains.

However, it is hardest to remove red, orange and yellow stains. As well as stains older than a few months old and stuck on stains, (for example; nail polish, motor oil grease or children’s slime putty).

Depending on what the stain is from, what has been used on the stain previously, how long it has been there for and what colour the stain is, we may not be able to guarantee its full removal, as these things will all determine how the stains lighten or remove.

Is it okay to walk on the carpet when it is damp after cleaning?

It is ideal not to walk over carpet as you normally would, during the drying process, if you can avoid it. However you can walk on the carpet, ensuring shoes or feet aren’t grubby.

How can I pay on the day?

Our cleaners require payment or proof of payment on completion of cleaning. We accept cash payments, internet banking transfers and cheque payments if need be.

Mould prevention in the colder months

As the weather grows colder in the Autumn to Winter months, the temperature drop makes our houses more susceptible to the growth of mould spores and bacteria, around surfaces in the home.
Mould will grow with any moisture, humidity or dampness, on many textiles within your home. It is important to prevent mould growth and permanent mould/spore damage, to your home and your family health.
A few textiles that you should monitor mould growth for are; cardboard, ceilings, walls, wood furnishings. More particularly dusty areas, fabric, carpet and upholstery.

When we breathe in mould spores, it can cause health issues like nasal congestion, chest pain, wheezing and coughing. Depending on exposure, can also lead to causing asthma, or causing a serious respiratory illness.

So how do you keep your home free of mould and spores, this season?

-  Keeping a good air ventilation, in the home.
- Controlling humidity levels.
- Making sure all seals on windows and doors aren’t compromised to stay weather proof and to assure that the home doesn’t have excess moisture.
-  Clean all surfaces in home, at least seasonally. Behind bed/bedheads, furniture, on walls, ceilings and damp areas of the home, around pipes and wet areas particularly. 

- Cleaning pillows, mattresses, upholstery and carpets, six monthly for allergy sufferers, at least annually especially if your home is moisture prone.

Your mattress could be affecting your health

Did you know regular mattress cleaning can improve respiratory issues, insomnia, allergies, a depressed immune system?

Most mattresses that haven’t been cleaned regularly form the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and allergens.
Without regular cleaning, these growing bacterium and allergens, can increase breathing difficulties, leaving you at risk of becoming sick more frequently or could even be the reason why you can’t ever get to sleep at a reasonable time.

Microscopic insects also make themselves at home within your mattresses, since dead skin cells, sweat and bacteria build up providing a great food source for dust mites and other seemingly invisible parasites. It is for this reason, that many health care professionals globally, recommend to annually sanitize your mattresses, professionally.

As well as taking weekly care of your mattresses by changing bedding, vacuuming all surface areas and investing in a mattress protector if you don’t have one already!  
We offer mattress sanitizing services, deep cleaning all surface areas with hot water extraction machinery combined with antimicrobial technology which removes 99.9% of all those nasties hiding within the fibres of your bedding. We, at Awesome Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning personally recommend annual professional cleaning of beds, however if you or a family member suffers from hay fever, asthma or respiratory issues we recommend sanitising every 6 months!
Our cleaning methods will leave your beds hygienic, odourless and able to be remade within a couple of hours of cleaning.


Awesome allergen removal

Within your carpet and upholstery fabric fibres, sit dead skin cells, soil, food particles, pet dander, microscopic insects, which all provide the perfect nutrient source for many bacterium, viruses and allergens. Bacterium can reproduce up to a million times, every 10 hours!
So, you can only imagine how many micro-organisms have made a home in your carpet and upholstery!
These micro-organisms, become airborne, each time you vacuum or with each step that is taken on your carpet, even as furniture is used or moved in the home.
When all these nasty micro-organisms are re-dispersed into the atmosphere of your home, it can worsen or even cause allergies, take a large toll on your, or your families immune systems and respiratory health. Can cause many flus and illnesses, as well as grow other unwanted funguses like white and black mould within your home.

Within our machinery, we have Sanifilter, which use anti-microbial silver ion technology. This technology is proven to inhibit and eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungus (mould & yeast), microparasites and their faeces on a nanomolecular level, which is 1000,000 times smaller than a millimetre.